Circuit#2 Circuit#2

CIRCUIT#2 features digital artefacts by participants of the Certificate Programme for Critical Practice in Contemporary Performance, also known as [CP]3. The materials in this online exhibition do not constitute completed works of art. ‘Artefact’ is a term used here to denote what is neither documentation of the artistic process nor artistic ‘product’, but may be used as a ‘third term’ as it were, to describe the different creative studies and propositions that help artists articulate their developing ideas with clarity.

In exhibiting these artefacts, CIRCUIT#2 also seeks to propose new potentials for dance and performance in Asia. The intention is to expand the scope of choreographic praxis, and go beyond dichotomies of research and creation, process and product, rehearsal and presentation that have been taken for granted in the performing arts. Instead, different mediums – photography, video, text, drawings, etc – could be seen as varied ways of inscribing dance (corresponding to the -graphy suffix in ‘choreography’). In this expanded treatment, dance and performance, which are in essence about multi-faceted human experiences, can become practices in contingency, adaptability and potentiality; the very qualities needed in the time of COVID.

[CP]3 is an intensive online programme organised by Dance Nucleus (Singapore), with Padmini Chettur (Chennai), Pichet Klunchun (Bangkok), Arco Renz, Melati Suryodarmo (Surakarta), Xiao ke x Zi Han (Shanghai), Choy Ka Fai (Berlin/Singapore), Eisa Jocson (Manila) and Luke George (Melbourne) as mentors. Some of our partners and supporters include West Kowloon Cultural District (Hong Kong), City Contemporary Dance Centre (Hong Kong), Thinker’s Studio (Taipei), Dancehouse Melbourne, LaSalle College of the Arts (Singapore), Kelola Foundation (Jakarta) and Chang Theatre (Bangkok).

The first [CP]3 cohort consisted of 19 participants from 14 different cities: Albert Garcia (Macao), Anishaa Tavag (Bangalore), Anoushka Kurien (Chennai), Chung Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City), Er Gao (Guangzhou), Jaclyn Chong (Singapore), January Low (Kuala Lumpur), Jared Jonathan Luna (Manila), Josh Marcy (Jakarta), Konkarn Rungsawang (Bangkok), Megan Sin (Singapore), Norhaizad Adam (Singapore), Pat Toh (Singapore), Rhiannon Newton (Sydney), Sudhee Liao (Hong Kong), Syimah Sabtu (Singapore), Valerie Lim (Singapore), Wang Ning (Taipei) and Zhang Dianling (Guangzhou).