Syimah Sabtu

DNA, processes, tradition, history, culture, relationship, body and space were running themes of conversation in a lot of the sessions. Through [CP]3, we also questioned how the gaze changes the way we perceive the body and space.

An example was my takeaway from Eisa’s session when she shared about her work, Manila Zoo. The work examined relations between humans and animals, politics of gaze and spectacle.  When the work then shifted onto Zoom, the issue of spectacle and confinement were highlighted more. It also then touched on themes like digital participation and surveillance.

This made me wonder, who is the animal or who is the human? Who is watching who?

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Syimah Sabtu is a dance artist from Singapore. She graduated from Republic Polytechnic (Theatre and Arts Management) and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Dance). In her practice, she examines the kinesics state of the dancer’s body. Syimah is currently researching on the Dualities of Being, exploring layered connections between personal histories, narratives and beliefs nestled within our bodies. She believes in the potentiality of collaboration, interaction and connection across various art forms, disciplines and walks of life. To her, art should be accessible for anyone. Syimah is currently a core associate with P7:1SMA Ltd and an associate member with Dance Nucleus.