Pat Toh

This project examines our airways as entangled territories of policies, ecologies and corporealities. Our respiratory system functions as the most basic of all human-related air-ports giving us a constant update on environmental conditions as real-time data processing. Our breath functions as a physical manifestation through which the intersection of politics are made visible.

In a society laden with issues of air pollution, air-borne viruses and suffocating societal demands, bodies are in crisis. They get intoxicated, ill and diseased in the constant destruction of the natural world. As the precarious ecosystem deteriorates, what are the implications on the lungs that are intimately tied to the environment?

Breath Holding
Breath Bubbles
Breath Holding

Pat Toh is a Singaporean performance maker whose work deals with the effects, remnants and trauma of ideology and bio-power. A Shell-NAC Arts Scholarship recipient, she trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (Australia). She also holds a Masters of Arts from the National Institute of Education (Singapore). Her debut theatrical work Pretty Things was nominated for “Production of the Year”, “Best Director” and “Best Ensemble” in Singapore Life Theatre Awards (2012). Her works were presented at Esplanade Theatre Studio- Raw Series, M1 Fringe Festival, Indonesia Dance Festival and State of Motion. She was in Substation artist-in-residence and is currently an associate member at Dance Nucleus.