Megan Sin

From this moment on, you may address me as Sin 心. Throughout the past few months, there has been a lot of contemplation about risk-intimacy-comfort levels-offence-liberation-connection. These highlighted the importance of the audience’s awareness of their agency and responsibility. At the same time, reconfigured in myself, I’m not selling or sharing products but I’m sharing experiences and looking for connections — collaborations. Perhaps, instead of the performer and the audience, the initiator and the collaborator. Instead of seeing my body as a vessel, my body is a life on its own. My identity comes alive in relation to my body. I serve my body. 

Choose your bloodSinsi ‘ m m o r a l i t y

Response to a conversation

I am (Megan Sin) (Sin 心) (is) — currently finding ground ; feeling my body — which is not a machine or a vessel. Conceived as a potentially lifelong project, I ‘ M  M O R A L  I T Y currently consists of a series of projects such as Blood (a series of pictures), 霸占空间 (a journal) , and  i ‘ m  m o r a l  i t y (a durational quiz experience). These recent works encapsulates Megan’s current re-configuration of the body, her relationship with corporeality and expression. Working on understanding what her body is, what her body needs, she aims to manifest that understanding in a form that best embodies (part of) it.