Kornkarn Rungsawang

Throughout 2020, I have observed those who are affected or those who are affecting within limited space – how others and myself live our lives in society. 

When political situations are unstable, and social structures have been weakened, what drives us in today’s world? I realised that religious beliefs and culture are connected, and they influence our ways of living. I learned that getting rid of traditional ideas or religious beliefs is not fruitful. Instead, we should question how beliefs influence our lives in the moment as well as in the future. This is what I am searching for and practising with.

Kornkarn Rungsawang (b. 1988) graduated from Burapha University with a Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts in 2010. Since then, she has been working with Pichet Klunchun Dance Company. Kornkarn represents a new generation of Thai artists wishing to bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary dance. In 2017, she received a Fellowship Grant from the Asian Cultural Council and participated in the International Choreographers Residency Program at the American Dance Festival. In her work, she seeks to create a space for reflection on body politics. Between 2017 and 2019, she conducted a ‘Vagina Dance workshop’, which led to a series of dance works, such as ‘Organs’ and ‘Organs#2’.