Josh Marcy

For the past four years, I’ve been interested in the process of recognition, the decoding of the body; my own body and the richness of its (im)materials. This has led me to the practice of documenting and archiving.

Constantly investigating what the body and space are, and how they relate to one another has brought a certain consciousness – that whatever their meaning may be, it will always be in constant flux.

This workbook is the trajectory of the recognition process. It contains keywords that are fabricated, interlinked, and overlapped, sometimes also incomplete and separate. This fabric of keywords could act like a flesh that transforms from its womb, accumulating and creating new meaning. Or perhaps, liberating it from meaning itself.

Josh graduated from the Masters of Urban Arts in Jakarta Arts Institute. Josh has been the Board Member of Jakarta Dance Meet Up that aims to develop emerging choreographers, interdisciplinary practitioners, and researchers. In 2020, he became a member of the dance committee in the Jakarta Arts Council. Josh’s work deals with the relation between “what is body” and “what is space”, and how these two entities shape reality. He has collaborated and co-created with many artists to produce art as an interwoven experience. His recent works include “Pedestrian” at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, “Spasial” at Salihara Theatre, “The Meeting” at Teater Besar, and “Side To Side, In Scale” at Bintaro Design District.