Jared Luna

My project is a creative exploration of the ways that Tik Tok mediates dancing between physical and virtual spaces.

By spending time on the social media app, I looked at how ‘dancing is produced’ corporeally versus its production in two-dimension videos, sometimes accompanied by filters.

As I learned and studied Tik Tok dance challenges, I reflected on virality, the diffusion (and formation) of dance knowledge, and the experience of making short dance videos. I also looked back into my background in dance anthropology and ethnochoreology in studying Tik Tok dance vocabulary and in analysing emoji movement scores.

Based in the Philippines, Jared Jonathan Luna is an alumnus of UP Streetdance Club and former dancer of Daloy Dance Company. Jared is interested in vernacular movement vocabularies in urban spaces. Their curiosity stems from an understanding of culture as a web of meanings and a political process. Since 2017, Jared has performed solo and collaborative projects in local and international platforms. Jared holds an International Master in Dance Anthropology and Ethnochoreology and is currently a part time faculty member of the Department of Anthropology in UP Diliman, and the Performing Arts faculty in Guang Ming College. During the pandemic, Jared found solace in SB19 and in playing the violin.