Jaclyn Chong

Destiny Angel brings you products to guide you on your destiny’s path.

You choose between three different magic wands ‘Growth’, ‘Protection’ or ‘Change’ and a special customised product will be revealed to you, to help support you on your soul’s journey. Destiny Angel’s products are made in house, so each product is unique to every customer and no two products are ever quite the same.

Destiny Angel was brought into the world in order to provide spiritual healing to the busy working adult. Instead of fortune-telling, Destiny Angel believes that every individual has the agency to chart their own path, and thus asks that they choose between three general directions, before a product is recommended to them.

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Growth - For those that are seeking an upwards mobility in their current path
Protection - For those that are seeking a sanctuary or refuge
Change - For those that are hoping to alter the course of direction in their current path, and seek new opportunities

Jaclyn Chong is a freelance performance-maker. She is a graduate from the Theatre Studies programme at the National University of Singapore. As a Southeast Asian Studies minor, Jaclyn believes that engaging with the arts is a necessary form of social consciousness. Her works explore the relationships between bodies and digital screens, expanding beyond transactional and capitalistic ways of relating to one another.