Er Gao

The presentation of my project consists of two parts. The first part introduces a 10-year agenda by my teammates and me. It focuses on the following issues: 1) How can we develop a body language from daily experience and folk cultural activities? And 2) How can we use theatricality, video, and community-oriented performance projects to initiate discussions about identity, gender diversity, migration, and homesickness in the Chinese socio-cultural context? 

The second part documents my preliminary ideas about “Porn Files”. I hope to create a pleasant porn animation. Its visual effects will be based on my conversations with different subjects in public space. Drawing upon my own interpretation of the tales told by the interviewees, I will create text and audio material for the animation. This work will offer an alternative insight into the development of the LGBTQ community in Guangzhou, China.

Er Gao (aka He Qi Wo) was born in Canton, China. He is a dancer/choreographer whose work often combines dance, film, installation and other creative mediums. He received a full scholarship and graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. His productions continuously see the body as the primary means and site of artistic investigation, using diverse strategies to explore Chinese social and cultural identities through sex, gender and other topics. His current focus is on youth, migration, cultural nostalgia, and changes in human landscapes that feel misplaced or artificial.