Anoushka Kurien

These next few pages are a set of scores, drawings, writings and sounds developed during (CP)3 that I invite you to try out, skim through, chew on, and move with. Some of these pages may have other lives in future performances, but in this moment, they are yours to enjoy.


Anoushka Kurien lives and works in Chennai. Her choreographic practice currently looks at framing ideas of physicality to address perception and the quality of attention within live performance. Her solo works such as ‘To Be Danced’, ‘In Rooms’ and ‘Restricted View’ are choreographic processes that have allowed her to research ‘liveness’ as an experience. She has performed with other choreographers and maintained a teaching practice as sources of economic and creative support. She sometimes works with an artists’ collective, performing and finding ways to engage as a contemporary art community in Chennai, India.