Albert Garcia

As a ‘third culture kid’, a Filipino living in Macau, I aimed to decode my body into elements of cultural identity, and analyse them in time and space in this workbook. Unable to return home, I was particularly interested in investigating the concepts of global disintegration and homeland, while also experimenting with a new performative landscape in Macau.

I hope to share this decoding process with other local artists in the community as a form of identifying ‘self’, and hopefully shed some light on marginalised communities such as the Filipinos in Macau. Thus, using surrounding cities as the main creative bodies to ask questions and initiate a conversation, thus extending the process of what form Macau has become. My Home.

The Land
The Territory Extracts from Xiaoke x Zhihan’s Module
The Territory - A Paper doll Project to invite the public to stick Albert wherever they believe he belongs
The Body

Extraction of Essence Oil


Using these extraction that were realized during this [CP]3 program, I will be uprooting the true soul essence of the true Macauan Identity. Furthermore using this essence oil and futuristic create a dream motherland ethnic dance.

The Body

Born in Macau, Albert’s family came from Pangasinan, Philippines. At age 14, he trained in physical theatre and as a stilt performer. He then graduated with a Bachelor in Communication, and Master in Fine Arts (Taipei). In his early 20s, his growing interest in dance and movement brought him to join Stella & Artists, where he learnt Chinese Folk Dance and acquired a Grade-11 certificate issued by the Beijing Dance Academy. He has since choreographed “Nilalang” and “Four Legs is Good, Two Legs is Better”. While he was studying in Taiwan, he furthered his training in ballet, taichi, modern, contemporary, Chinese and Korean dance.